Heroes ‘N Pirates – A Virtual Tribal Lodge

In 21st century American culture we have gotten so far from tribal life, our networks and support systems are gone.  We live in an isolated and alienated society where social media has diminished deep connection with family and friends.  There’s nothing like face to face contact but such personal connection is increasingly hard to generate.

Some Native tribes had lodges where members could meet anytime to share food and stories.  There was always someone present with whom to share community. Such would be the ideal, but as humans we have to adapt to our changing environment.

I created this blog so like-minded people could come, hang out, swap stories, bring food and help themselves to whatever’s cooking on the stove… beans, squash and cornbread. The caribou skewers are still roasting. As in traditional tribal lodges, all are welcome, click the subscribe button and join the community!

I’m leaning back in my chair welcoming tribe members and waiting for those skewers to be ready…

14 thoughts on “Heroes ‘N Pirates – A Virtual Tribal Lodge

  1. July 18, 2011 at 11:21 pm

    A comment I received from Workingpitbull.com: “You are a writer of special gift. A man of character and a good judge of character. With all that is inane in this world, your thoughts are like a taste of sharp, clear, snapping mountain creek water in a dry mouth. Keep up the good work.”

  2. I agree when you say that “We live in an isolated and alienated society without emphasis on friends and family.” It’s no wonder we can connect better with our Pit Bulls and other pets. They are always there for us.

  3. Thanks for your supportive comment. In Jon Katz’s The New Work of Dogs, Katz makes the assertion that in our deeply alienated Western culture, companionship and belonging has usurped herding, hunting and other “working” jobs as dog’s role. And thanks also for the positive mention of the pit bull breed.

    1. I love Jon Katz! And have you seen Michael Brian’s blog? He posts “Dog of the Day” pictures, and most of them are pit bulls. He also discuss positive and effective training of dogs. Just thought you’d like it.

  4. Very nice about page. I’m a potlucker, so I’ll bring homemade Bourbon Walnut fudge. Toss a blanket across a chair on the porch upwind from your stogie and I’ll watch the snow fall and the crows laugh about it.

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