Head’s Up, Dad!

Rollo lunges at strangers approaching camp. April, 2017.  This is what a protective dog should do. Rollo has an excellent life; a dog couldn’t be more loved. The sick idiots who called themselves “dog rescue” made it seem like wanting a protective dog was a crime.

2 thoughts on “Head’s Up, Dad!

  1. This is exactly what Bella Blue does. She’s extremely protective and I like it. She’s always under my control. Seamus O’Malley? Well, let’s just say if he had opposable thumbs he’d be offering strangers a beer.

    1. I’ve always had dogs who were pretty welcoming to strangers. When camped in the middle of very remote places, you’ve got no idea who is approaching and I’ve had some weird experiences. One would think a protective dog as undesirable only if one lived a sheltered existence. I at least like to be alerted that someone or something is approaching. Eighteen pound Krikit was as good an alerter as I’ve seen. But, I prefer being alerted quietly rather than the general alarm approach. Rottis have a strong reputation for being the silent type. Words cannot express how much I appreciate my boy’s talents and proclivities in the forest!

      Sounds like you’ve got a winner with Bella Blue as well!

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