Echoes of Thunder

Wrestling a pair of 80’s, actual weight c. 85 lbs each, into position for a set of seated dumbbell presses. These photos were pulled from a video. I drove them up simultaneously eight times. (I’ve never been much of a presser, far better at pulling.) December, 2006

It’s with deepest regret I acknowledge I’m no longer capable of this type of quality battle. No gradual decline, I went from the best shape of my life in my forties, to incapacitated in my fifties.

My buddy Steve, who went through the same exercise science Masters program at UVA, is the only other guy I know who trained day-in-day-out since junior high school. We were the conditioning coaches for the same football team. We both competed in powerlifting. He recently commented that no feeling can match all-out training when you’re pain free.

I’m so glad I made the most of my limited ability when I could. Neither Steve or I would trade our experiences or accomplishments for the world.

2 thoughts on “Echoes of Thunder

  1. well done, you’re the man who did that, and I’ll bet you’re still in better shape than most guys

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