First Warm Days

On the first summer-like days of the year, we were out for a preview of things to come.

At the weight he is in the photo, Rollo is as light as I’d want him. It has been shown repeatedly that dogs who are kept lean live longer, healthier lives. Perhaps it’s our culture, you don’t often see Rottweilers this lean.

Call it personal bias, but I believe my dogs are beautiful! April, 2017

6 thoughts on “First Warm Days

    1. Yes, and thank you. Vets in various places I’ve lived have all complimented the body composition of my dogs. My retriever was able to run 9 miles when he was 11 despite being dysplastic. Jonesy and Ty lived quite long lives.

      My first wife’s Rottie was at least as lean and more muscular. Then, believe it or not, “dog show people” told her she’d never win a show with a dog who looked lean and muscular.

      1. I believe you. Most “dog show people” have no idea what a healthy and fit dog should look like. My vet compliments me all the time on how my Irish, Seamus, looks. As well, he has told me Seamus is the fittest dog in his practice, Dogs are not with us long enough. Why not prolong their lives (and make them healthy and vital ones) by making sure their body composition is optimal? I’ve had dog show people tell me that Seamus is too thin. Really? That’s a big nope from me. He’s happy, healthy and I can enjoy his company on 12k runs.

      2. Good for you! We could go on and on about this.

        A friend of mine and I once house sat for her coworker. We also took care of her dog who was obese. We thinned out the poor thing and took her for walks. She was healthier, much more active and seemed to be happier with the new order. But when the coworker came home she was upset and said she was going to return her dog to being “fat and happy” like herself! Go figure.

      3. Fat and happy? Seems an unlikely word pairing, but to each his/her own. I’m not a crazy dog person by any stretch of the imagination but I consider it a form of animal abuse when someone overfeeds their dog.

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