Full Body Training With Ann Cathrin

There were four frustrating non-training days this past week. I won’t call them “rest” because I was sleep deprived which, along with a fresh round of viruses at work, is why I didn’t train. But I’d gotten better rest Friday night and figured on a day of full body training. Being so out of shape in the first place, I was so wiped out after some sets that I had to sit quickly for fear of passing out. The protocol was:

Phase 1

Squats supersetted with glute ham leg curls
Leg Press
Dips supersetted with supported dumbbell rows
Seated dumbbell upright pulls
Front raise super setted with seated bent over laterals (shoulder rehab)

Protein drink and baked fish for protein then sleep with dogs for 75 minutes – hours later:

Phase 2

Weighted bent knee sit-ups
Barbell curl supersetted with rope pressdowns at 45 degrees
Dumbbell spins

As always, it felt great to be mashing the accelerator. Through it all, the bass heavy sound system funneled in melodies from the Hamburg based, Rotz & Wasser. Love this song! Though it will revoke my pretend membership in the bad boy club, I don’t agree with it’s “hidden” message!

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