As Long As We’re Still Young

With the viruses that went around at work it was a horrible winter for training. I’ve just resumed on February 20th and am a total wreck: shriveled muscle, plenty of fat and weak as a kitten. Nonetheless, even with painful and symptomatic joints, whether I’m lifting or boxing, I feel “right.” And with decent music, even better. Landing a jab, March 11th, 2017. Total cardio workout was 35:00. Basement temperature was 48 Fahrenheit.Below, with two weeks of training under my belt, buttery midsection and atrophied. As the crusty old boxing trainer at the gym would have growled, “You’re way out of condition! Waaay out!” (He’d been shooting from the hip, then when he saw me work the bags he gave me the grudging compliment, “You surprised me. You’re in condition, you’re ready to fight!” It was one of the hardest earned, sweetest and finest compliments I’ve ever received.)At fifty-three my joints hurt all the time, so I try to train smart, but I’ll never give in. I’ve only got this one shot at life, why conserve myself to live as a coward? I’ll take what comes.

This is such a great band, one of my favorites. They’re from Sauersberg, Deutschland. Love their sound.

We are the heroes! As long as we are still young!


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