Solo Rollo

Because Mak tends to be so miserable around winter campfires, I let him stay by the wood stove with a peanut butter filled Kong. It was just Rollo and I for this winter hike. I hadn’t walked him alone since those early fall days when he’d just joined us.

He showed no discomfort while entertaining himself in the snow as I lit the fire. When I sat down he came to join me. With warm ears, he wasn’t shivering. His side towards the fire was toasty and, as I caressed him, he shut his eyes in contentment. Rollo’s comfort let me relax too.img_2665-2And just so he wouldn’t get a chilly bum, he sat on my daypack. I thought it was very cute.img_2664I was relieved to find Mak well and snoozing when we arrived home. I always feel so guilty leaving anyone behind. But unless Rollo becomes comfortable swimming, then come summer, when Mak and I swim the pond, it’ll be Rollo’s turn to lick peanut butter.

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