A Stranger Enters The Lodge

If you read the “about” section you’ll see I created Heroes ‘N Pirates as a virtual tribal lodge, a place where like-minded people can go hang out and swap stories.

Just now the door banged open and in swaggered a rough looking character, dressed in chainmail and smelling of wood smoke.  He grabbed the jug of rum, took a long pull and with a wolfish gleam in his eye tossed a photograph on the table saying, “Post this!”

I took one glance and figured if he was up to these sorts of adventures, he wouldn’t be a stranger for long. Hell, even the ax he carries for protection is identical to mine.

His buddy’s expression is just short of a sneer… exactly the sort of blackguards you’d expect to find living rough, robbing unwary travelers, making sport of more civilized types.

“Help yourself to some caribou from the stove there, boys, and let’s hear about your patrol beyond the wall!”


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