So Sorry You Left!

I just received horrible news that a good friend was found in her home this morning.

She was a longtime friend and very kind person. She was brilliant and helped me pass my exam this past August. I was looking forward to driving out to see her at her home but, in truth, she lived a distance from me, and my dogs and her cats kept me at bay. In warmer weather my guys could have stayed in the truck. I had thought to call her this weekend but was wrapped up in my own life. What a loss!

RIP dear M!black_rose_wallpaper

8 thoughts on “So Sorry You Left!

  1. So sorry for your loss. I lost a fried a few years ago, he was laid off from work and couldnt deal with it , his friends and coworkers worked on getting him back in and of he would have waited a few more weeks he would have been able to work again. But he decided to opt out before that. His widow knew we were working on getting him back to work. His widow was a strong woman and told us never to let work become more powerful than life.

    1. As I’ve noted in previous comments, I was rash when I assumed her death was a suicide. I still have to learn the details. However, your points are so valid for many of us in the darker moments of life. And yes, one’s “job situation” should never be given that kind of emotional power. But we all have our triggers, I guess, and one can never know another’s full perceptions or pain. Thank you so much for your thoughts and comment.

    1. I’ve edited the post because now that I’ve had time to reread the email I was sent, I realize her death might have been from natural causes. I won’t know until I speak with my contact person. Thank you for your thoughts.

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