Squashed Soccer Ball Display

Back some years ago when I was still involved in caring for homeless dogs, I saved a bunch of “dead” soccer and basketballs because they made great toys. I kept many of balls because I knew how quickly a strong biter would go through them. And yes, I kept them above the kitchen cabinets… I mean, why not? It kept the stockpile out of reach of my household dogs who had their own dead balls to play with. But when my brother saw them, he fixated on this unusual quirk in décor. He then regularly gave me heat about my “squashed soccer ball display.”

Now at last the “squashed soccer balls” are being torn apart with much growling, joy and fun! A blurred shot of Rollo and Mak at tug.img_2078Mak gnawing on his prize.img_2076-2Mak gnaws while Rollo tears at a soccer ball bladder.img_2073Rollo’s eyes bug as he tries to pull the toughest of the three balls from my hand. Good times for all! 🙂img_2069-2

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