Not So Long Ago

Looking at Mak now, it’s hard to believe he’s the same dog as in these photos. These were March of 2009. I guess the same could have been said about an age comparison for Ty’s appearance… or mine, for that matter!dscn1542-2He was built for power!dscn1654-2Ultimately, I’m glad I neutered him this past summer, in his 10th year, only because I suspect it has made serious fights with Rollo less likely. But aside from lowering the likelihood of dog conflict in the house, I would never have neutered him. I am a strong believer in keeping dogs they way nature intended them. The way to prevent unwanted dog pregnancy is supervision! There is a large body of medical evidence that shows how damaging spay/neuter can be particularly to young dogs.

But the changes so visible in all of us are part of aging. 😦 Oh well. Enjoy every moment while they (the dogs and the moments) are here!

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