On a golden October afternoon, Jonesy poses for my camera. He was two years old at the time and so good looking that many people asked me what breed he was. He was a mix, of course! Jonesy had deep stamina and was a great companion but was never a cuddle dog which was at times difficult for me to understand and accept. We were inseparable and did everything together. I miss him deeply. He changed my dad from an intense non-dog person to the dog-man of the neighborhood. But that’s a story for another time.

What I would give to bring Jonesy back! I’ve had dreams of rediscovering him alive and well. October, 1994scan0005ac

6 thoughts on “Jonesy

      1. There has recently been a movie made based on the book but it’s release has been delayed due to PETA protests. I have opinions on PETA that I won’t get into but the book is great.

      2. I heard there was some fuss about a movie but I’m not informed about it… I don’t mind stating my views about PETA. Their dirty secret is that they are against animal domestication. They don’t want anyone to have pets and their position against pit bulls is nothing short of ethnic cleansing. As with so many animal groups, they’re a bunch of people whose ostensible crusade for the good is a flimsy cover for emotional issues through which they unleash their cruelty.

      3. For anyone who is willing to look below this organizations seemingly caring and loving name, that is exactly what they will find. I find many people take things at face value and jump onto the bandwagon without truly knowing what they are supporting. Years ago, as a rescue/foster person, I initially thought PETA had a great agenda. Imagine my horror when I realized they thought owning a pet was cruelty??? Thanks for adding to the education of the public through your posts.

      4. Yup, I feel the same about many dog rescues now that I’ve dealt with so many. And sadly, the whole spay/neuter Koolaid debacle. I realize spay/neuter is the best way to minimize unwanted pregnancy for those who aren’t willing to supervise their animals, but the tragedy of it is that we have to damage the animals because we have such a flood of irresponsible people in the herd.

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