My Heroes

firewoodI’ve posted about Julie and Miki Collins before and have searched for them on Youtube. This was posted about a year ago and I was recently thrilled to discover it. I’ve known about them most of my life. When I was in early high school, I recall an article about them showing them in T-shirts splitting wood during a January “warm snap.” It was up to zero degrees in the photos.

I have all Julie and Miki’s books. They are both pilots, both incredibly competent and tough. Whether dealing with grizzlies in camp or tenting on the trail at forty below, people just don’t come tougher. In a past post I’ve said that soldiers like Navy SEALS and special forces can be tough when they need to be, but that’s short term. Julie and Miki just are tough all the time. They come closest to stacking up well in facing hardships the way our ancestors did.building-dog-house

I often quote their opinion that the most cherished thing they miss of creature comfort is running warm water to wash hands after skinning out a caribou in negative temps. Ultimately, it’s their love of the land, animals and living the old way that I relate to most.

4 thoughts on “My Heroes

  1. While I can appreciate the work and dedication it takes these women to live the life they do, and as much as I love being in Nature in many temperatures and weathers, I know I am not cut out for it nor would I want ti HAVE to live that way. Give me my hot showers, heated living environment and Trader Joe’s!!! LOL

    1. Most of the world feels as you do. I’m somewhere in the middle. I could take a lot more rough living than my present life offers. If I was in full health, I’d love to live the way they do, at least for a while.

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