Who’s That?

We were out for an afternoon walk after an overnight in the woods. Off the trail was rocky ledge and a bluff we explored. As we were off the trail, hikers went by through the trees and had no idea of our presence. You can see them faintly just above and to the left of Mak’s head.

It was one of the early examples I saw of Rollo’s guard personality. He alerted me not by barking, which would have given away our location, but by his manner… as the old Vietnam soldier dogs did to their human partners.

He was perfect, staring, listening, rigid, ready. One of the nice things about Rollo’s guard behavior is that when he displays it, Mak follows suit and suddenly becomes a guard dog. Mak’s bark, on the very rare occasions he chooses to use it, is very intimidating. This time though, Mak didn’t bark either.

I am thrilled with Rollo’s personality. He has been precisely what I looked for for so long… the rescues who never gave me a chance be damned.img_9345

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