Heroes ‘N Pirates’ Finest Summit Moment of 2016

2016 was a very, very good year for Heroes ‘N Pirates. There was lots of camping, seashore wandering and fine dog moments. That plus we brought in Rollo, our new secretary of defense! And though I never did hit 135X53 on the bench, given my arthritic, wrecked self, there were fine training moments as well.

We still have a few hours left to this year, but it didn’t require much reflection to know what was our finest moment of 2016. And though I don’t have a photo of that apogee, it occurred driving home after picking up the dogs from the kennel. I’d just been in the hospital four days due to Rollo’s bite. When I picked them up, both were ecstatic to see me. Rollo cupped his ears for the first time then leaped into the high truck. He’d been previously incapable and fearful so I had to lift him, which he hated. But when I came to get him he thought: going home!

I recall driving with them around me and shouting, “Back in the saddle, boys, the pack is back!” It was an ecstatic moment of togetherness, joy and family all rolled into one. This photo was taken just afterwards. And this was the original post at the time.img_6542crop

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