The Wild Den & Fire

Here’s a shot of the wild den we found this fall. The earth outside the hole was quite fresh, and it seemed a recent, active site.img_7414 ‘Course the boys had to check for themselves. I was leery of cornering wildlife in the hole but I did let the dogs get up by the entrance for a sniff. I don’t remember their reaction so it mustn’t have been dramatic. I suspected the den belonged to a fox as it appeared a bit small for coyote.img_7415We go that way a fair amount, and I was curious during last night’s hike if we’d find tracks in the snow by the entrance.img_0516The entrance was rimed with condensation hoarfrost, and the boys let me know it smelled quite interesting inside. I slipped just after taking this photo – fortuitously – because my weight sliding down the steep slope helped pull the dogs to more neutral ground. img_0518We followed the animal tracks to the other side of the railroad tracks where the boys then had to content themselves with the warmth of a fire.

Rollo has his eyes closed, but I don’t recall if he was basking in affection or snuffling the treats in my pocket. During the course of the fire it was a 60-40 split. Only my insistence he keep his muzzle out of my pocket tipped the scales to the 60-ish mark! img_0527

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