Feng Shui Sensibility

My house is no showpiece. There I said it. But I think any dog person and lives with our four-legged friends could relate. Here Diane’s baby whippet expresses displeasure that the cushions are discordant to feng shui harmony. The Cairn looks nonplussed… a skeptic.thumbnail_20161206_103405

2 thoughts on “Feng Shui Sensibility

  1. A post from a very good friend of mine. He cracks me up. One of America’s most talented and undiscovered writers. I’ve tried to make the literary world aware of him, but the problem is he doesn’t have an ounce of pretention in him, is a he-man, and ergo of no interest to today’s literary types. I recommend his blog to those who are Vikings at heart, and love dogs and all other things which are true.

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