Continuing Discoveries

It’s been about three and a half months with Rollo as part of the family. Remember how I couldn’t box without him going nuts? I took time off from training when a virus went around work but have been back in the swing for a week and a half. Today was the first boxing workout and since Rollo and Mak play fight everyday in the basement, I figured why not try boxing with both of them present? I might not have to chain Rollo, rather it might simply ramp up their play intensity… and he might bark less.

I didn’t want them fighting for real so initially I kept the disruptor in one hand while I jabbed the double end bag with the other. At the first punch, he barged past Mak and went right for the bottom bungee cord like last time. When I sternly told him, “No!” jumped at me and I felt his teeth on my leg, not hard but not welcome either. I brandished the disruptor and he backed off and slunk away.

Mak quickly latched on to the back of Rollo’s neck (not in earnest) and rode him around the basement. Throwing shots with one hand I watched them closely. Mak showed a different in affect than in play. At first I thought Rollo’s timidity from the disruptor had elicited Mak’s predator impulse, that Rollo’s fear stimulated mild aggression in Mak.

But as the moments went by it appeared Mak was keeping Rollo from me. He always positioned himself between Rollo and my legs and showed none of the give and take of play fighting. It was all Mak. He never eased up, left no opening, yet didn’t look aggressive. “Determined” might be a better word.

Ultimately Rollo climbed the basement steps and sat by the closed door at the top to wait out the boxing session. Then Mak joined him and they sat like two peas in a pod. Rollo showed a brief resurgence of aggressive interest towards me or the bag when I switched to the horizontal bag but Mak again stuffed him into submission and the two ended up back on the stairs watching me.

Very interesting indeed! This might mean I’ll be able to do cardio in peace so long as I include Mak in the mix! 🙂

Working the double end in 2004.


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