A few years back after my own competitive career came to a close due to injuries, I took the role of announcer at a host of top-flight powerlifting and strongman events.dscn9867You’ll notice the head judge is none other than powerlifting legend Ed Coan. We had some of the biggest names in the strength game at many of our events. Check out the prodigious bench press that’s in progress, and notice that the athlete is wearing a T-shirt, not one of those silly bench shirts. đŸ™‚dscn9870

2 thoughts on “Announcing

    1. The odd part is it seems to be such recent history. All my physical ailments have been the last five years. Without them I’d be much more like I was. The drive is there and each time I’m able to string together a bit of training, the strength comes right back. How about you? Healthy or hampered?

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