Dawn Guard

In the early light of day, Rollo stands guard on the tailgate. It was his very first camping trip and night in the woods. August, 2016img_5994-2

2 thoughts on “Dawn Guard

  1. I think that Rollo has hit the jackpot with you. I really came to that conclusion when I read your post about Rollo growling at you because of the smell of alcohol. I can completely imagine how it must have been for him prior to you. My father was an alcoholic. A particularly vicious one. We had a few dogs that suffered at his hands. I had to watch as I had no power to stop it. You are a good person to take such pains to make sure Rollo can trust again.

    1. Thanks for saying so. I wish dog “rescues” had taken the time to find out who I was through good old fashioned communication. But ultimately, I’m very glad I ended up with him. I love him very much. I even love the challenges. 🙂

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