Growling & Wagging

With a hard look in his eyes, Rollo growled at me last night. Here’s the story.

With closed eyes Rollo nibbles my thumbnail as I plant one on his big noggin. October, 2016

Whenever Rollo is approached while on a chain, he crouches in an inscrutable position. He looks half-fearful, half-aggressive. In our early days, I always felt on edge approaching him while he was chained. It was impossible to tell if he’d drop and wet himself, or explode in a lunge of teeth. I’ll bet he’s had harsh punishment while his former owners smelled they way I smelled last night – of booze.

I consider myself a non-drinker and often go years without having alcohol. I suspect his previous owners weren’t so abstinent.  In recent times, I’ve had an occasional drink, maybe once every couple of weeks. Last night was one of those times. I was working at my desk and he came over as usual for affection. As I petted him, he looked up with hard eyes and growled.

Whoa, I thought, that was out of character. I took him out of the room and closed the door. After a couple moments of semi-drunken reflection, I figured to keep things simple and re-opened the door. He was glad to come in and I attached him to the desk. At bedtime, we settled in, Rollo lined at my feet, Mak on my other side.

Rollo seemed decidedly relieved. Was I imagining his contentedness, or was he accustomed to mayhem when his former owners smelled the way I did? In any event, we all had a great goodnight cuddle as we always do.

The real pleasure has been seeing Rollo’s increasing bond develop towards me. When I first took him in, he never wagged that little stump of a tail. Mak was the same way in his early days. After months in a cage, Mak’s tail batteries were dead. Now though, Mak wags all the time and Rollo’s increasingly right up there with him wagging his cute stump.

I’m disappointed Rollo doesn’t have an undercoat to speak of, certainly not like my first wife’s Rottie. Other than that, he’s exactly the dog I was looking for. I love him to bits and more so every day! 🙂

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