That area of the woods smelled of something rotting. The boys smelled it, I found visually. A poached deer. I took many photos because at first I was confused about how the poor thing had come to its end. It had what appeared to be an entry and exit wound. One back leg was broken and lying at an impossible angle. Then I found two discarded work gloves nearby.

Best I can figure, someone poached it then became spooked as a passerby happened along and abandoned the carcass. What bothered me most is before I connected the dots, I knew regardless of how it happened, the deer had suffered and likely quite a bit. A tragic waste of life. October, 2016img_7242-2

5 thoughts on “Poached

    1. It was unsettling, a crime scene that I took lots of photos to pass on to law enforcement. I didn’t want to expose readers to worse photos though. This isn’t that kind of blog. Hope the post wasn’t too upsetting!

      1. No, not at all. I’m not one of those special snowflakes. Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens all too frequently. I’m glad you could report it.

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