4 thoughts on “Golden

    1. Glad you like the photos! Yeah, those two are characters alright! Mak has always been calm in the house; he’s a very good boy. Rollo though is a totally mischievous imp! If I don’t have him lined to me in the house, he’ll go find something to chew… and rarely toys he’s been given. Fortunately the resource guarding for which Rottie’s are so famous is expressed pretty lightly in him so I can usually take away whatever he’s found with no trouble. But I make a fresh assessment each time and don’t take high-value objects. In that case I offer something better, then kick the original away and pick it up later.

      I can tell though that he’s really begun to bond with me and that’s very gratifying. Having the two Bozos underfoot all the time is exactly what I wanted and has made me feel less lonely!

  1. Wow!! What gorgeous colors!! We don’t get that kind of show-girl costume out of mother nature where I live. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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