I’d Just Found Him

Jonesy about a year old. You can see his nails are still short from living on the streets. His ribs were very prominent under all that fur, fur that was like liquid silk, and he was knotted up with burs.scan0002cHis choke collar was much too long. I was a beginner with dogs.scan0002aaI ran an ad, contacted the police. No one ever claimed him. We were together 15 years.  December, 1993

4 thoughts on “I’d Just Found Him

    1. And how you meet them often makes such an interesting part of the story! Thanks for sharing.

      I was on and off separated from my first wife at the time and my parent’s didn’t want a dog in the house. Perhaps because of the war, my dad had always had an antagonistic relationship with dogs and they reciprocated. Jonesy turned him around.

    1. I sometimes feel guilt for not having been a better first time dog owner. In those days I was a very strict authoritarian and while I don’t feel great about some of those early days, what I regret most is that he often took a backseat to things, namely horses (I rode then) and later other rescue dogs. But I did the best I knew how at the time. He was my family and most important and loved friend. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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