Hottest Hell!

Mak and Rollo rest after intense play fighting for c. 30 minutes.img_9439They do this every day with me hovering on the sidelines with the fight disruptor. I’ve never had to use it, they respond to my voice. Both really enjoy the play.img_8603The minute one stops, the other resumes. After our daily walk they cannot wait to thunder down the stairs into the basement and begin the festivities.

Rollo has proven to be exactly what I was looking for. All the “rescues” who shunned me be damned! I am giving, and will continue to give, him a wonderful life even after he bit me twice. We’ve come through all challenges with flying colors. I sincerely hope those non-communicative, self-righteous, dysfunctional “rescues” rot in the hottest and worst of hells! They’ve earned and deserve it!

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