Maid of Orleans

joan-of-arcIn the last post I mentioned the OMD imports I have on vinyl. One of those is a long play single in a silver jacket. It is The Maid of Orleans and was pressed in 1981. On YouTube I found this fantabulous music/video montage. The second half is Atrocity’s cover of OMD. I’d never heard of Atrocity. It’s pretty hard to do a cover of someone’s personal anthem but, I must admit, they did a superb job!

Unlike so many vile comments found on YouTube, for this creation there is very little hatred, mostly all commendations from viewers. Many are international: German, and from the turn of phrase, likely Brit. More than a few mentioned the passion they feel for this music, being inspired, and others crying. Me? Courage and passion, but especially courage, always makes me weepy.

Watching this made-for-TV footage really impresses how lucky we are to live in our easy, comparatively gentle age.

(As part of our cultural education, my parents brought us to Joan of Arc’s birth place in France when I was a child. Of course, at the time I was too young to fully appreciate the place.)

Watch at full screen and high volume for maximum effect. Enjoy!

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