Standard Meltdown

New dogs always react to the boxing work. As soon as I start “defending against” and “attacking” a bag, doesn’t matter if it’s heavy, speed or double end, they loose their minds, begin jumping, barking and trying to get to me.

Rollo, being a guard breed, couldn’t leave it alone even if I just shadow boxed against nothing. I didn’t want his barking to disturb the neighbor so when I finished with the stationary bikes and rower, I chained him to the chinning bar which is on the other side of the basement steps. I wanted to give the double end bag another try. Maybe being separated by the stairs would inhibit his vision enough to keep him somewhat calm-ish.

Rollo in a blurry shot caught while he played with Mak.

Nope. He lunged, gurgled and barked his way through both of my two and a half minute rounds, the first rounds of “throwing leather” since mid August. My training tends to be very consistent so once he’s seen enough bag work, he won’t even raise an eyebrow. šŸ™‚

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