Raise the Sails, Sharpen The Weapons, Saddle the Horses

yellowstitchesYesterday evening I resumed training after far too long of a layoff. After several months of steady training, I’d intended to take maybe three weeks off after the last training day of August, 2oth. But then, fortuitously, I found Rollo… then bit me, the arm infection and all that.

The gym was a shambles after all Rollo and Mak’s daily play fighting but I cleared a space, laid a blanket down for Rollo and kept him with me. It was the first time I hooked up the sound system after Rollo ripped out the cable when falling off the basement stairs during a scuffle with Mak. I wanted to make a good first impression and since training vacation was over played Yellow Stitches’ “Vacation.”5944_1

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