Preliminary Skirmishing

Training in 2004 – before arthritis began eroding my muscle mass.

After more than two months entirely out of the gym, how does Heroes ‘N Pirates resume training? Initial sessions will be brief and light and therefore ideally suited to whole body workouts rather than splitting the body over days.

The first three weeks back will each incorporate two strength days followed by a cardio/boxing days resulting in four trainings days per week – two strength, two stamina.
Day One:
Bench Press
Hanging Row (like an inverted pushup)
Bent Knee Situp
Glute/Ham Leg Curl
Seated Dumbbell Upright Pulls
Days Two & Four:
First week cardio sessions will be twenty minutes, Second week will be twenty-five minutes, Third week will be thirty minutes of interval stations comprising of:
Recumbent Bike
Vertical Double End Bag
Stationary Bike
Horizontal Double End Bag
2nd Stationary Bike
No rest between stations.
Day Three
Deadlift with shrug at top
Barbell Shrug
Dumbbell Flies
Revers Hypers
3 Way Leg Raise
This mesocycle will end after 3 weeks at which point one of the whole body strength days will be bifurcated into two separate and more focused strength days. This will enable a greater volume and diversity of work.

Cardio will increase, then plateau in the 35-40 minute range.

In those days I could really work, and the results were commensurate.


The first two days resumption are in the books…

*PS – Apologies for WordPress’ bizarre formatting of the above. Spacing and paragraph breaks look smooth and consistent on the edit page. Who knows what Kafka-esque html script they’ve got going on! Grr.

2 thoughts on “Preliminary Skirmishing

  1. I’m simply going by the pictures, and I’m probably completely out of line, but it does appear that your breathing may not be on point and you might be producing a Valsalva Maneuver. You probably already know this, but you need to exhale on your exertion and inhale on your release. My apologies if I am wrong and have interpreted the pictures incorrectly. Lift on!

    1. You are absolutely correct! There is nothing healthy about extreme lifting and pushing the body to its limits. If you watch things like The World’s Strongest Man competitions, you’ll see plenty of Valsalva! Even inconsequential, little ol’ people like me perform it when trying to wring out the last gram of performance from oneself!

      I once heard a great line explaining, though not justifying, drug use in sports. It was something like “Health is a brief stage athletes pass through on the quest for excellence.” So true. 🙂

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