At The Ogre’s Ramparts

In deepening blue dusk, Mak explores the ruins of ramparts to the ogre’s lair.img_0447-2We’d heard rumors of the place but of course it wasn’t on any maps. So I packed the tarot cards and took readings as we approached the reputed spot. The closer we got, the hotter the cards became until, about a quarter of a mile away, they burst into flame so we stopped and made a little fire. Mak is the blur to my right. img_9935-3It was one of the oddest things when we poked around that massive wall. It seemed as if the ground itself trembled beneath our feet. I’m sure they were tremors one could have registered in a Richter scale. As you can see, I became a little spooked.img_0452-2When we heard groans coming from the direction of where the ogre’s supposed lair had been, Mak perked up and was hoping for a fight.img_0457-2I had to pull him back and we got out of there just as full darkness was coming on… but not before discovering this creepy buried skull from some past intrepid adventurer who hadn’t been as lucky as us. March, 2016img_0469-2

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