Early Inspiration

My dad provided the original inspiration for weight training. Back then very few people saw value in lifting weights. He also had muscle magazines from the late Forties and Fifties. In them I found role models like Reg Park.regparkpressI didn’t know much about powerlifting since it’s real inception hadn’t occurred when those magazines were published, so bodybuilders of the time fueled my drive, like this classic of George Eiferman.georgeeiferman21I’d also found inspiration in a Batman board game mom bought for us at a church fair. We didn’t have the pieces or the rules but the board itself was the important thing – an image never to be forgotten. I regretted not still having the board but then did an internet search and voila! Here it is, just as I remember. One glance and I knew the depiction of Batman jumping was exactly how I wanted to look when I “grew up.” batman

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