Oversexed Idiot

Well, the rough shod love affair between Rollo and I continues to develop despite the bumps we’ve had. I’ve been forewarned by someone with decades of rescue experience that dogs of all breeds begin to show true colors, whatever those may be, after being in a home for about thirty days. So far the only change I’ve seen in Rollo is a gradual deepening and accepting of my authority in 9 out of 10 situations.

The noted exception to this is his demeanor towards Mak. This week a switch was flipped. He now views Mak as his love doll. Forget that for the past month, despite being considered “geriatric” by the chart on the vet office wall, despite being thirty pounds + pounds lighter than Rollo, Mak consistently showed prowess in play-fighting.vlcsnap-2016-09-23-17h55m33s566There were times when Mak’s skill at out-maneuvering and out-fighting a dog that was so much larger and younger than him brought goosebumps to my arms. Wow, that’s good breeding from generations past! Mak used his weight to tire out Rollo and the moment Rollo tried to reverse on Mak, Mak would grab his stifle.vlcsnap-2016-09-23-17h56m51s523All that changed this week. Mak has always wisely shown submission to Rollo though making it clear he could handle himself should he need to. But something clicked in one or both of them. Now Mak irritatingly submits to Rollo’s amorous advances, and folks, there’s nothing of dominance in this mounting! This appears as purely humpy-humping, can’t-control-myself, eighteen year old obnoxiousness!

I think my irritation that Mak wasn’t standing up for himself confused Mak. I tried to communicate more clearly and twice yesterday he gave Rollo corrections. The second one was a warning bite across the muzzle that elicited a wince from Rollo after which he pawed at his face. That one stung.

When I brandished the fight disruptor I got a response but, like an eighteen year old,  moments later Rollo was right back at it. He now wears a choke in the house and continues to be attached to me or my desk or bedroom furniture at all times. I defend Mak but in truth though, I believe it’s really his job, not mine, to stand up for himself. When I had Emma, no one, but no one would mount her. Try that and a totally different dog would come out of the box, one which even Zeus didn’t want to evoke.

Despite this frustration, Rollo shows entirely good nature. None of it is aggression. I hope to help him sustain that! In the meantime, neutering remains possible specter. At least being neutered at almost two and a half years of age minimizes many of the health risks of spay/neuter. If you aren’t aware of them, check this.

2 thoughts on “Oversexed Idiot

  1. From the perspective of a pet parent of 3 pit bull mixes, and a dog trainer I’ll tell you that the reason why no dog would mount Emma was because she made crystal clear that she was an alpha dog period. Now your 2 boys are still working things out and one is not fixed. The one that is not fixed could trigger a bad fight. I never allow dogs to get in a fight, I am a dog sitter too, and I’ve been doing this for 15 years. How? Lots of exercise; I make sure that they understand that I am the pack leader, and I respect the fact that they figure out who is alpha even though I may not agree.

    1. Thanks for your input and thoughts! No question Emma had two ground rules: don’t mount me, don’t mess with my food. Other than that, ultra dominant Zeus ran the house. In this case, Rollo is and always has been the dominant one. Like intelligence in dogs, I’ve always found dominance to be a bit plastic and situation specific… other than mine 😉 I’ll keep you posted!

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