When To Go When To Stay

It’s been a very hectic week with me running from one medical appointment to another. The swelling and redness in my arm has remained long after Rollo’s actual first bite has healed. Four different antibiotics haven’t resolved it. Then my primary care doc left abruptly and permanently on an emergency. I’ve now seen an infectious disease specialist.

Central Command has become a shambles… well, perhaps “become” implies more order than it generally has. Rollo continues, or perhaps better stated, increases to be a pain in the ass. I miss him when I’m at work but, man, does he have energy! And poop? How do you house-break a dog to a regular routine when medical appointments make your routine anything but?

All that to say, this weekend I’ve got to remain at Central Command to regain Command of the place. Plus it’s Columbus Day weekend, which is a big deal in the Northeast, with every inconsiderate, irritating driver on the road.

I get out at every opportunity when the weather suits but also have to recognize when I’m better off at home.

I’ve been requested to keep my arm elevated as much as possible… a opportune time to catch up on Vikings season 4.

But I was out in the beautiful rain with the boys all last weekend. Field Command in the northern hardwood forest, October, 2016:img_7168Rollo perfectly fulfills his “camp dog” duty, just as I’d hoped:img_7075

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