First Frost

Last night it was chilly enough that even Rollo wanted a jacket! I obliged him with ol’ Emma’s coat. By the way, if you’re wondering why he’s always anchored with a chain rather than rope, it’s because he’ll chew rope. Both Sabi and Zeus could chew through even a heavy rope (or car seatbelts, thank you very little, Zeus) in moments. So unless I can supervise in a vigilant manner, Rollo gets chain, particularly outdoors. When we walk, I use rope though in the very early days I just led him around on the chain I used to anchor him. img_6772-2I slept in this morning, having been sleep deprived of late. It was 9:50 by the time Mak and I began to stir in the back of the truck. There was ice on the windows but before snapping a photo, I cuddled with Mak. By the time we were getting up twenty minutes later, the ice had melted, so I was glad to find some lingering on the door handle of the truck.img_6798img_6799After 10 AM there was still scatterings of frost in the grass. I’ll bet at 6 AM it had been pretty heavy.img_6800

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