Esprit de Pack

Mid-week the boys and I went for an extended afternoon walk in a quiet and relatively remote area. I rediscovered this porcupine den I’d found years ago, lost track of, then never quite remembered its location. The two seemed to be content walking together.img_6613This past weekend entailed relaxation and pack bonding. We were due after the previous weekend’s bite incident, my subsequent hospital stay and the pack fragmentation that resulted.


And I’m very pleased that tonight Rollo has been happy to snooze in the bedroom next to his new step brother. So far he’d always lain next to me as I worked on the computer. Part of my motivation for finding a second dog was to provide companionship for Mak since he lost his beloved Doodles in April 2014. The two were off to a bit of a rough start but things seem to be falling into place! img_6494

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