The Fish Eye

Rollo has become a member of the pack, and despite my initial impression that he wasn’t the brightest bulb, he’s proven to be a quick learner. He’s already quite devoted, following me everywhere and watching my every move. Nonetheless, I caught him in this sidelong glance which my friend calls “the fish eye.” It’s generally not a good look to get from a dog and can sometimes herald aggression.

During her twenty years as a big city ACO, the city she worked for took in a Rottie that looked at her through the cage in just this way. It gave her the creeps. She suggested they euthanize based on his body language but local Rottie rescue thought he was too good a specimen to let go. So they placed him with a trainer. The trainer was mauled and then they euthanized. They shoulda listened to the guru! 🙂 Her lesson to me from this was: always trust your gut!


6 thoughts on “The Fish Eye

    1. Nah, I was definitely unsure at times and keep/kept weapons to hand but just before he bit me, I had told the vet that I already trusted him fully. People with deep Rottie experience cringe at such rapid trust and would point out my naivete is due to pit bull rather than Rottie experience. Much of my caution comes more from anecdotal references by people with far more experience than me.

      When I was in the hospital, long time Rottie breeder told me that if I was afraid of being bit, he would definitely bite. I told her my concern was less that he’d bite because I was anxious, but that he’d bite because I was over-confident… that I routinely did brazen things like sleeping in the truck next to him after only knowing him 3 days. Again, Rottie people think that’s pretty stupid but I was trusting my gut.

      I tend to be hubristic, it’s one of my flaws. Lori, who has owned/cared for 17 Rotties told me I should always have a light on and be sure I read his face and body language any time I’m in range. These are people who care about me, don’t want to see me hurt and have dealt with much edgier pooches. 🙂

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