By now, I’ve completely forgotten how it feels to walk with a dog off-leash. It’s becoming increasingly inappropriate in our over-crowed world – no matter who the dog is.

Jonesy, already 12 years old in this photo, shows what a luxurious coat he had. We were companions on countless adventures. RIP ol’ buddy! January, 2005.dscn8944-2

2 thoughts on “Off-Leash

  1. It’s not so much in appropriate due to crowding, more because so many people lack control of their dogs off leash. Nothing more frustrating when you have a problem dog yourself, and someone else’s dog come bounding over to yours with the owner yelling ‘don’t worry, he’s OK’ not realising both one of my pups is scared of everything and may bite.

    Add to that the often incompetence of said owner not being able to call the dog back… *sigh*

    All dogs should be kept on leads nowadays because it’s not just dedicated dog lovers that have dogs. Any muppet can have one.

    1. I totally agree! 🙂 “Any muppet can have one.” So true… applies to kids too! Yes, it’s not so much overcrowding but that doesn’t help. When I’m riding on a bike path, my dog attached to the bike and suddenly turn a corner into a strange dog, it just doesn’t work well. Plenty of elbow room between people goes a long way to making “good” neighbors. But I agree, ultimately it’s a control issue.

      Years ago I was way out in on a remote logging road running my dog and another man was there with his loose dog. He dove on top of his dog to restrain him. “Never expected to meet another person out here!” he called. We both laughed and both appreciated each other’s attempts at responsible dog management. These days, so many people are utterly entitled AND there are far more of them everywhere.

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