Life’s Surprises & Zenith Experiences

When my ex left and my health began to fail, I thought life had nothing left for me. I became suicidal not wanting to face a continued existence as a handicapped bachelor. Blog posts of the time reveal the depths of my despair. But in late spring of ’12 I began to turn a corner. Then in August of 2012, Lori and I became acquainted. Though we’ve never been romantically involved, my life took an immediate leap in quality. Since that time, some of the finest experiences of my life have been lived both in her presence or as a direct result of her. Those many memories have become part of the cherished fabric of my past. Here Mak assisted her in selecting the evening’s dinner.img_3334-2Jambalaya was served on the same table as our puzzle pieces and recent beach walk findings. The beach stones were on the placemat so as not to scratch the table. On this trip, I was collecting and sampling beach stones to test which might best function as sharpening stones for knives.img_3364Though life surprises can often feel unsettling and unpleasant, when they involve a rare, new, quality connection, nothing is finer.

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