The Comfort Place

After all the recent madness, we took a quiet family day today. Just me and the dogs. I put string beans, onions, carrots and zucchini into the pressure cooker added a little Mrs. Dash and put on an Enya CD. The dogs were wandering between the deck and my side. When the pressure cooker began it’s rhythmic chuffing, I was emotionally transported back to happy times in my parent’s house.

My mom used her pressure cooker extensively. Potatoes, lentils, beats, beans, carrots, etc., all were cooked in the pressure cooker. It’s much faster therefore more efficient and frugal – important qualities to people raised in the Thirties and Forties.

That deeply pleasant, lazy, mid-day kitchen time made me miss my folks. It hits me now and again how fortunate I was to have them and live in our wonderfully warm and accepting home. I’d do anything to be able to see them for another dinner in their “comfort place” kitchen! 🙂

My dad opens a bottle of wine for a noon meal. March, 2004


With my loving parents. July, 2004

6 thoughts on “The Comfort Place

      1. When it comes to memories, Sam Langford said it best! You’ve got to watch the short video to the end. I hope I can be so accepting in my late years. 🙂 People with far more Rottweiler experience tell me I’m still in the “honeymoon stage” with Rollo. But so far things are coming along very well!

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