Passed The Test & Swiped The Lid

Remember that stupid test I spent all late spring and summer studying for? I found out last night that I passed it on my first try! I’d heard horror stories about people failing multiple times. Nine tries is the highest number I’d heard, while three to four tries was not uncommon. I don’t have a formal background in the field so I had to study the subject from the ground up. A kind person, through a friend, loaned me some study materials that were far superior to those I found on Amazon, so I’m indebted to them both.

That means this fall I can focus on the important things in life:IMG_2540crop

Unfortunately, I got the news about my success just after Rollo growled at me over a Tupperware lid he was chewing. He’d stolen it from the sink. My celebratory thrill was therefore muted by unsettled irritation. I’ve been spoiled with most pit bulls I’ve had.  As one of my dog expert friends advised, “Pit bulls have been bred to be people submissive but guarding dogs were bred to be comfortable dominating humans.” So, unlike in my fiction stories, such behavior comes with the territory and “guard dog” is what I wanted.  I was at least able to distract him and get the Tupperware lid. It was old and I was on the brink of throwing it away anyway.

A more hardcore dog isn’t distractable from it’s prize.  “That’s the way  Carmine was,” said Lori, “He was a lean 110 pounds of fuck you.” If anyone looks at his photo and gushes that he’s cute, they’ll know they can’t read dogs. “Despite having been raised from puppyhood in a very loving home, he was not a pleasant being,” said Lori. He bit his owner in the face when she carelessly woke him up. It really isn’t “all in how you raise them.” That’s a line that will reveal a person’s ignorance. The truth is, “It’s all in how you breed them.”

Steve was just telling me, he and his vet were marveling at how deeply in a dog’s essence lies the breeding. They are who they were bred and born to be. That’s why you can safely handle working bred pit bulls in an all-out fight… and not take a Tupperware lid from a Rottweiler.

carmine handsome
Carmine: One hundred and ten pounds of Fuck You!


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