Good & Bad

Rollo did super well for his first day in the cage. No pee or poo anywhere. But the forced sedentary deprivation of hours in there created a monster when I took him out. I let him and Mak run loose in the house for the first time. Rollo was always badgering Mak so finally I let him loose for a few brief moments and stood guard with the fight disruptor.

Mak showed him he’s not all cotton and submission. If Mak were aggressive and Rollo’s age, plus trained a bit, unless Rollo got an early lucky grip, Mak could kill Rollo especially if he was an ear or nose dog. The ACO didn’t know if Rollo had ever been around another dog but I’m sure he’s never encountered that kind of strength… and Mak’s 10+ years old to Rollo’s 2.

Unlike the pits I’ve had, I suspect Rollo took it personal and ended up being frustrated. For the rest of the afternoon and evening he was very mouthy in a hard way, and uncooperative. It’s not uncommon behavior for him. There’s more than playfulness there.

He did finally poop outdoors though. I had to set up a lawn chair, line Mak to a tree and just let Rollo pace around for a while.

Finally, I had to burn off his energy with a longish walk. I left Mak home because I’m already on painkiller for my back because of those two knuckle heads dragging me. Rollo is much better without Mak. Mak is a horrible, horrible, incorrigible puller! He’s just what I wanted to pull the bike, but now that all the secret, abandoned railbeds have been gentrified and publicized, they’re off limits for us.

After the walk, Rollo was okay but again needed strong reprimands when he started biting at bedtime.

We’ll have better days and difficult days. Given the mix of yesterday, it was a good one that ended on a trying note. And for the record, I’m at times concerned for my safety. Last night I slept with the disruptor and a heavy blade by the bed. 🙂

Rollo would be much easier if he was the only dog (duh) and if we lived in a less civilized society where he could be the Molosser he should be: standing guard in boiled leather and spike in a Schwarzwald camp as I sharpen my weapons in anticipation of the Visigoths.

Rollo excelling at what he’s designed for: monitoring the dark wilds for the Visigoth onslaught.



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