Rollo’s “The Coffweiler” Morning

Yesterday Rollo was licking at edge of my iced coffee cup. I assumed it was the dash caramel I’d used to celebrate Labor Day. I had to move the cup so it wouldn’t spill. Today was plain Maxwell House with no caramel so I was surprised he still showed persistent interest. I dipped my finger in the liquid figuring the bitterness would turn him off.  Nope. I’ve got me a Coffweiler!

Then as I started to type the last post, he sat up and began the rhythmic hurling sound that precedes a dog’s puking. I leapt out of my chair, grabbed a handy 5 gallon pail (benefit of being a clutter king) and the act of thrusting the pail under his muzzle scared him enough to send breakfast back down!  🙂IMG_6355

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