Minimalist Camping

I think most readers know that with better joint health I’d backpack rather than camp by truck. I don’t like the sedentary aspect of truck camping and when backpacking you can pretty much stealth camp anywhere with no one the wiser. God, I’d love that. I formerly did a fair number of wilderness canoe trips but now with my shoulder issues in the canoe, and these knees on the trail, well, it’s pretty much strictly truck camping.

The closest I’ve come to backpack-style is camping out of a small car. Below was the morning of September 11th, 2005. Jonesy, Doodles and I spent the night. Early pre-dawn that morning was the only time in Jonesy’s life that he actually came into the sleeping bag with Doodles and I. He had been rolled up and shivering when I reached out to check on him. He burrowed in without hesitation but only lasted for 15-20 minutes before “crying uncle” and getting back to the fresh air. I’ll tell you what, we were sardines in there!  🙂  Good times.  In the photo you can see Doodles in his jacket but Jonesy’s off somewhere…DSCN4456

…collecting seeds in his coat!DSCN4457When he’d get like this I used to call him “Seeds Man” in baby-talk falsetto. On this morning it was the worst ever. Perhaps his other side had more, but I remember those little triangle shapes being all over him and the car seats. It took forever to get them out.

Still, a bit of stealth camping, even out of the back of a small Hyundai, was a great way to kick off the autumn camping season!

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