Demon Dog – Unaltered Image

Any reader of H&P knows my deep penchant for hellhounds. My “perfect dog” would be an enormous creature weighing hundreds of pounds similar to the one in “Riddick.” I’ll repost the clip in case you haven’t seen it in an earlier post. It’s one of my all-time favorite sequences in film and a visual embodiment of a fantasy of mine since I was very little kid.  It’s been my approach with Rollo! 🙂

I’m an atheist and don’t believe things “happen for a reason” at least none that we could ever know. The human brain seeks patterns and creates them where none exist. So I won’t say Rollo was “meant to be with me.” But if ever I came close to that thought, it was after I snapped this photo. I haven’t altered it in any way except to crop a bit of the outer edges.

As it appeared on the back of the viewing camera screen, the glow seemed to emanate from the sclera of Rollo’s eye instead of being simply a super-imposed glare. Seeing the image full-sized on the computer has rendered it far less impressive. Still the fact remains. He appeared in one of the very first shots I took of him by the campfire to possess the demonic origin of so many of dogs I’ve written about in fiction. So, meant to be? Mmaaaybe.IMG_5977 (2)

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