They’re really similar stature but Rollo is significantly overweight and he’s built on a much heavier frame. This along with his thicker coat helps keep him warm. For his given mass he’s got far less surface area.  For ever cube in body mass, surface area is only squared.

Mak is built for supreme efficiency in gladiatorial combat: massive head and powerful jaws on a light, springy, incredibly athletic frame with deep stamina and superior cooling ability.  Though gentle in spirit, his body has the potential to be a destruction machine. His kind was precisely created for a purpose. You’ve got to hand it to the old dog men, they knew what they were doing when breeding fighting dogs.

Many of today’s uninformed pit bull people don’t think pit bulls have long legs. But if you look at the old fight records and books, you’ll see some do. Longer legs for the same bodyweight created a leverage advantage in grappling. Some champion fighters of yesteryear were built even longer and lighter than Mak. When I was deeply involved in the breed I took care to educate myself fully about its history.

By the way, at his 61 pound prime, Mak was at the large end of the pit bull spectrum.  The average bodyweight for a champion fighting pit bull over the last century was 42 pounds – exactly what Ty weighed. The old adage is that as dog men aged and matured, they increasingly valued the smaller fighters. Many Armitage dogs were in the thirty pound range.

Those big, sloppy floppers you see called “Bullies” today are pet bred wrecks that wouldn’t last two minutes in a fight.

But I suspect Mak is part hunter. He certainly has much more of a hunter personality. And his tail is just a teensy bit fluffy for a pit bull. As well, some Plotts have bodies of similar structure and coloration down to the small white star on the chest.IMG_6136crop

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