I Was So Ready

Hitting our stride over here but not out of the woods.  I know things could go south in the blink of an eye. We’ve got months of work ahead to “properly raise” an unsocialized dog.

I’d gotten Craigslist hate mail as I searched for a dog. For months “Rescues” treated me like dirt or discounted me before learning who I was. Shoot from the hip, snap judgement.

Not even considering my own pit bull rescue history, what all those ignorant “rescues” didn’t take the time to discover is how extremely well-equipped a home gym retired powerlifter/recreational boxer can be to anchor and manage potentially dangerous dogs. There’s such an overlap of equipment! Ultra duty chains, clips, links, heavy bag springs all take on dual purpose.  The different grades of spring and the heavy bag hanger are perfect for springpoling. Consider that what you’re seeing is only the tip of the iceberg. Also installed are multiple lines in the living room as well as bedroom. There are built in drop chains on both sides of the truck. Then there’s my dog tack duffle bag that travels with us, loaded with chains, soft lines, breaking sticks, links and clips. IMG_5946 IMG_5947 IMG_5945IMG_5948 IMG_5949

What old lady in tennis shoes from one of these “rescues” would be able to moveably anchor a dog with a pile of 45 lbs. cast iron plate?IMG_5927I know unneutered Rottie males tend to take over the house. Not mine. I hate being ignored and earn a living as an authority figure. So Rollo likes to chew his line? Switch to chain.

Now that Rollo has entered his “umbilical cord phase” I’d rather not walk around the house with a chain that will nick everything. But he still occasionally wants to chew the line. So I had a scrap of heavy rope that was too short for a triceps line.IMG_5940

IMG_5941He then returned to chewing his line and was on time-out chained to the wood stove.

Really!?  Rescue assholes didn’t have time to talk to me?  – Too overwhelmed… “whew!”  (Back of wrist pressed to forehead.) They knew better? Better equipped? Little old lady in tennis shoes? Best interest of dogs in mind? I think not. Ignorant, ignorant, dysfunctional people. Yeah, I’m bitter about it, they cost me a lot of time and aggravation. But the real ones who lose are the dogs! My heart goes out to all the helpless beings that fall into the hands of collectors posing as “rescues.” They need therapy rather than dogs. Meantime, they’re perfect candidates for my yellow jackets. Self-important assholes.

6 thoughts on “I Was So Ready

    1. Things going extremely well at present. Just went for a lengthy walk with both on similar length lines. Of course I took the fight disruptor with me just in case and will keep it to hand for the foreseeable future.

      Rollo was “fecally forthcoming!” His first poop on a leash. Maybe it helped for him to see Mak do it. Also both aren’t yet totally relaxed so to poop a few feet from each other is a good step towards togetherness. Sounds funny but I’m not kidding. Rollo was over-heated so I hosed him down, then over-stimulated so he’s chillin’ on his time-out chain.

    1. Did I tell ya I feed these guys sledgehammers for breakfast? And that’s just with their morning coffee. Lunch is razor wire and TNT. Babysitters like me can be “retired” and, while sleeping, still lift all those guys wearing supportive gear under the table.

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