Go, My Brothers…

On a recent camping trip I was deeply aggravated by a loud, selfish group of 6-7 cars, about 8-10 tents.  On my way out of the area, I saw them.  These were not nature oriented, land respectful people but rather suburbanites camping for free in a place they thought they could make all the noise in the world. Screaming for the echo, flying a drone at night, etc..

I’m very sensitive to noise and find it intrusive.  I take great pains to not infringe on others and if others don’t act similarly, I see red.

In my mind I could see myself at the head of a squadron of cavalry thundering across the field then lancing them as the scattered. Some would be caught in the throat, mid-scream.  Then I thought to myself, “Geez, you’re being a bit harsh.”

In that particular place I was regularly visited by yellow jackets, white-faced hornets and white and black striped, zebra-style wasps. They were always in camp.  Neither Mak nor I were stung.  And here’s a Heroes ‘N Pirates secret, shh!  I LIKE yellow jackets even though I’ve been stung in the past, sometimes repeatedly. I think of them as little brothers. They’re despised and feared.  I like underdogs!  I like their communities, their chemical messaging, their little army-like defenses. Very cool.

It’s astounding how some people react to anything that flies and stings.  You’d think you’d brought plutonium in the room.

That’s when it occurred to me that better than a cavalry charge slaughter, would be magically summoning clouds of my little brothers to swarm those assholes. I’d be in the upper field murmuring some arcane incantation drawing symbols in the air and suddenly millions would surround the campers.

“That’s right folks, how ’bout one loud, last scream on your way out!”  Arrivederci!!

I shared the story with a friend who HATES yellow jackets. She had one really bad year when her place was infested.  This is a photo she took of one of her dog’s water dishes.  This accumulation was by noon of one day.05542CF6A6BE4CC988B258EE6D609FC0



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