Relaxin’ With Rollo

I will try to refrain from being overly Rollo-centered in these upcoming posts, though I suspect some readers are curious about how we’re getting on, and he is the most salient think trumpeting in my life at the moment.  Still I’ll try to break up the stream of subjects so H&P doesn’t get reduced to rescue dog posts.

So.  Fatso Rollo has been a handful. To you readers who have crooned about how cute he is etc., let me admit that there have been times that I’ve been concerned about my safety. A wagging tail on a dog means little since wolves and pit bulls in death-battle often wag to beat the band. Rollo’s face remains pretty blank too, unlike a pitties.  Or perhaps I’m not skilled enough to read his. I’ve lived with a Rottie before but still lack savoir faire.  That big grin you’ve seen on his face means, “I’m hot!” not I’m happy.

Of wild animals kept as pets, bears are most known to savage their owners without forewarning. The reason? Bear’s vision is so poor that they do not communicate intention to one another visually. Rollo’s seems a bit like that.

Wanna know how it’s been?  Imagine a two-year old, sweet and loving in one moment but selfish, demanding and impatient – in Mike Tyson’s body. Then remove most visual emotional cues. Oh, and one more thing, remind yourself that unneutered, male Rotties have a well-earned reputation for stubbornness and mayhem. My close friend’s partner had her face bitten when she absent mindely woke one of her own Rotties from a slumber. “He was just never a pleasant being,” said my friend who’s had 17 Rotties. Here’s the culprit of that story.

Having pointed out these challenges, things last night and this morning have been light years better than the preceding one!  He does have those loving toddler moments.  I’ll avoid a long post, more later.

Rollo’s anchor.


2 thoughts on “Relaxin’ With Rollo

  1. Well, I’m one of your readers that will be looking forward to your posts about Rollo. I certainly don’t expect things to go smoothly, which is why your posts will be interesting. Not every person can do what you are doing. Keep writing………….

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