Today there’s been a qualitative shift, a tangible altering of tone in the new pack… at least between Rollo and me.  Maybe it was because someone wasn’t up all night panting so the six hours we got felt very restive.  We slept like rocks until fat-ass started to snore.  (He farts too.) Then this happened:IMG_5912

13 thoughts on “Mauled

    1. In the past two days he’s gotten much better about not being mouthy. My arms and legs are covered in bruises. It was puppy style mouthiness coming from a 100 lbs. adult plus it was mixed with frustration. So nice to see him settle in as part of the family!

  1. Rotties are my favorite breed by far. My Jabari was a 145 # of love. None of my adult rotts were ever mouthy like that. He’s probably so over the moon happy and can’t believe this is happening for him.

    1. Neither can I! I can’t tell you how happy I’ve been with him! On our first camping trip he showed himself to be exactly what I was hoping for. He gets chipped and vetted tomorrow. It was the very first they could fit me in with a potentially challenging dog.

      1. I think he’s starting to get used to it. I felt really badly at first when Rollo seemed like a hellhound and Mak was suddenly, at his advanced age, cast into the shadows and bullied. But I’ve watched out for him and pay special attention to offset all the work Rollo needs from me. Today went pretty smooth so I’m hoping they settle in together as, at least, somewhat buddies. As I mentioned in earlier posts, I felt so bad for Mak I just held him and bawled how sorry I was to have upset him and his life (even though I was not sorry to have taken Rollo in, of course).

      2. Aw you’re a better parent than I am. Lu got in trouble when Sasha finally came home. I had to tell her to deal with it. She was a little turd at first 🙂

      3. I bond strongly and love Mak with all my soul just as I did Ty. I cannot abide seeing him hurt in anyway; it causes me deep distress. To think I might have hurt or disappointed him is/was very difficult for me. It was easier when I brought Mak in because he and Ty fell in so quickly. I loved Jonesy too and would do anything to see him again but his personality was different. I don’t think he was as negatively impacted by a new incoming dog. Maybe it’s because I was doing rescue then so he was used to always seeing new ones come and go.

      4. And he knows what you’ve done for him. I had a rescue, Jewel, who was rottie #3 who was so grateful every time I fed her she would come and thank me when she was done eating. It was so sweet.

      5. Yes, I can understand that. I can feel his appreciation. Dogs are so great that way, aren’t they? They’re so appreciative of the little things: untangling their legs from the rope, wiping the gook from their eyes, all the affection and attention.

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