Off The Charts

Rollo’s in-house intensity is off the charts.  Sure he’s stressed, but he’s also never been in a house before.  In his last life when he had to be “inside” he was chained by a very short chain in the breezeway.

None of us got much sleep last night. Despite his hose bath and wading in the lake, he kept up his signature machine gun panting until almost 3 AM.  If I stirred, he’d resume lunging about on the end of his line.  (The dogs are kept lined apart.)

He’s Mak’s mirror image though because conversely he’s a dream to walk.  Mak is calm as a throw pillow in the house and at times almost unbearable to walk.  Rollo is calm and quiet outdoors, quite the gentleman, and today he had a soap bath in the yard with the hose.  He loves to be hosed.  Thank god Rollo is amazingly weak for his 100 lbs.  size.  With Mak’s hydraulic strength he would be uncontrollable on a leash. Nonetheless his bodyweight combined with his lunging inertia resulted in him moving the wood stove.

And I discovered while trying to sleep last night that he’s a line chewer.  So now he’s on a chain.

He’s peed and pooped in the house once… so far.  We milled around in the woods for about 45 minutes this morning after I fed him. All the while with me reciting, “poopety poo poos,” like a mental patient. But I think he might have been uncomfortable pooping on a leash.  Back inside I told myself to keep a sharp eye but then decided it was a good time to do Mak’s nails. It was too silent in Rollo’s corner and… yup.  Poop. And I thought my house already stank.

He’s going to be a challenge.  Just what I wanted. 🙂IMG_5880

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